The name Berthoud, where did it come from?

I love learning about history.  Our little town of Berthoud has an interesting history.  The town website has a solid review of Berthouds beginnings and is worth the few minutes to read.

Here is the link to the write up of Berthoud history on the town website.

So where did the name Berthoud come from?

‘In 1872, a miner-turned-rancher from Central City, Colorado, Lewis Cross, staked the first homestead claim where the Colorado Central Railroad planned to cross Little Thompson creek. When the tracks were laid through the valley in 1877 a depot, section house, and water tank were installed at this strategic site. The tiny settlement known as Little Thompson was renamed Berthoud in honor of Edward L. Berthoud, who had surveyed the rail route through the valley.’

Who knew the town had been moved!  At some point I would like to check out the original location.

‘In the early 1880’s, the Colorado Central Railroad recognized that Berthoud’s location on the river bottom caused their steam-powered locomotives to labor excessively to ascend the grade out of the valley. At their urging, during the winter of 1883-84, the buildings of the town were loaded on skids and pulled by teams of draft animals to the town’s present-day location on the bluff one mile (1.6 km) north of the river.’

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