Notice of Valuation for Larimer County,

The County Assessor’s office is gearing up to send out Notice of Valuations based on recent sold data in
your neighborhood. The Assessor’s office refers to these notices as “Invitations” because of the high
number of protests they receive. There is expected to be 14,000-17,000 appeals that will be processed by
Larimer county during the one month window of appeals. These are reevaluated every two years and the
basis for the taxes you pay in 2018 for 2017 taxes (taxes are paid in arrears).
Here are things You Need to Know:

• The numbers sent out to you by the county are computer generated, you should research
accuracy based on previous sales in your neighborhood.

• It is most likely your taxes will increase as a reflection of what our market has done the last 2

• Notice of Valuations will be sent out by the county May 1, 2017

• Protests MUST be received by Larimer county between May 1, 2017- June 1,2017. Some counties
have extended dates, but not Larimer County.


* You need 3 recently sold MLS sheets to protest your valuation. They must be similar

* For unique properties you may go back up to 5 years for comparable properties.

* You can submit the protest in person:
200 W. Oak Street, Second Floor
PO Box 1190
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

* You can also submit the appeal online with your pin number from the Notice of
Valuation you receive in the mail.

* Appeals will also be accepted via fax and mail to the Assessors office.

• Reviews of Protests will be process by the county in June

• Determinations will be sent out at the end of June

If you need help gathering sold data to present during the appeals process, I would be happy to assist. If you have had a thought of selling or
buying let’s have a conversation on how my process can help achieve your goals.
*All information has been gathered from the Larimer County Assessor’s office. Their contact phone number is (970) 498 – 7050.

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