Berthoud Antiques Appraisal Fundraising event

Are you a fan of the antiques road show?  Berthoud is doing something similar! Hosted by Garden Group Berthoud Historical Society the  Antiques Appraisal Event features appraisers Dan Geary and Dick Feldman. Bring your fine arts, pottery, ceramics, clocks and watches to be appraised. To book your reservation call Mark French 970 – 443-5591. Limit 3 items. Fees apply

The fundraiser to help restore and maintain the gardens and grounds at the McCarty-Fickel museum. The Garden Group Berthoud Historical Society promotes flower and vegetable gardening and the heritage of using local food from Berthoud

When – Saturday, March 18 at 9 AM – 3 PM
Where – 

Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum

224 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, Colorado 80513

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