A tale of 2 listings part 3

So to review there are two listings in the Gateway Park neighborhood that an out of town buyer wanted me to preview for them. 1636 Glacier View and 1543 Glacier View.  Both homes are so similar I thought it would fun to note the comparisons here.  In this installment I’ll wrap things up.

Both homes are well priced, in a good neighborhood and in a great town.  Both are well cared for nicely appointed homes.  With 1636 you get the southern exposure on the front, all appliances, a larger back patio, insulated garage and a more neutral color scheme but no fireplace.  With 1543 you get the southern exposure to the back of the house and a fireplace, but no fridge or washer and dryer, smaller back patio, and no insulation in the garage.
So who will sell first and who will get the highest contract price?  Thats a good question and will  depend on many variables.  Where will the buyer enjoy the sun the most? Fireplace or insulated garage?  Both listings it would appear that they did not use a professional photographer.  My self and at 8z Real Estate we strongly believe that staging and professional photography leads to a quicker sale for a higher price as it sets your listing apart.  The photos allow for a better presence when internet marketing.  That said, for both listings first impressions are critical and I believe 1636 has the better first impression and has more inclusions.  Another major factor of when and how much is the specific needs and willingness to negotiate by either party, but I’m not privy to the sellers or a buyers (whom I don’t represent) motivations so based on the properties alone, I give the nod to 1636.  

This property is Listed by Remax Alliance and Remax Traditions

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